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Travel to Iceland to see Aurora Borealis

On a beautiful clear night, once you decide to travel to Iceland, at the heart of the Icelandic winter, passage to Iceland the traveler is privileged (and lucky!) to attend one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world: the Northern Lights. Straumar Online offers you to enjoy a trip that takes you to the Northern Lights, accompanied by an expert guide from Iceland to try your luck and attend this mythical performance of high latitudes. Do you want to win a free virtual trip to Iceland? Visit the SansDepot guide, and discover the ultimate Belgian online casinos. Inside, you will learn how to use the no deposit bonuses and which games to consider if you want to win the Aurora lights’ free trip. An experience to try at least once.  Please support this website by visiting a partner of ours that will gift you with an excellent free play offer. Head over here to claim your casino bonus and try out the best blackjack games. You can also decide to spend the free money on any other casino game you prefer.

Aurora will give a sparkle to your trip to Iceland that will remain etched in your memories for a long time. Even if certain conditions are necessary it is essential to take into account to live this extraordinary phenomenon; it is quite possible to experience this. First, bring your camera and your tripod and pick a night black, light pollution is to be avoided. Also, choose a day where the cloudy carpet is as light as possible. Indeed, the meteorological parameter has significance: the sky must be more open as possible, and the intensity of solar activity must be optimal. For this last parameter, ask us, or check out sites specialized making forecasts that solar intensity, this parameter is directly related to your chance to see these majestic columns of dance energy. This natural phenomenon, corresponding to a mass of charged gas of energetic particles ejected from the Sun during a solar storm, is more easily observable during the’ northern winter: from October to March. By following this link you will find some more Iceland tourism information.
You can see the northern lights from all areas on your trip to Iceland; you can focus on certain areas: the Jökulsárlónglacial lagoon, the region of Reykjavik (to Alftanes for example) is also a place quite affordable and straightforward to access easily allowing you to experience this unique moment. You can even get on the Snæfellsnes peninsula which is a place for the observation of this phenomenon.
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