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Iceland, mythical land, land of ice, fire, geysers, faults, volcanoes, vast expanses, black sand beaches, waterfalls and waterfalls … Iceland is especially, for many travelers, a land of many favourites ! After sharing with you our first impressions on this island lost in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, as well as our favorite during our 3-day roadtrip, let us give you some tips to prepare your trip to Iceland.

First, I’ll tell you about our experience with Icelandair in the stopover, then about the ideal Seasons to travel in Iceland and our experience with roadtrip in winter. And I will also address all the practical questions that you have asked us : money and budget for travel to Iceland, transportation, language, electricity… in short, everything you need to be well prepared and leave serene for your next adventure on the land of the midnight sun.
Immersion in distant land

Before delving into the heart of the matter, I invite you to immerse yourself in our video of Iceland, to give you a glimpse of our roadtrip in the south of the island and the magnificent landscapes that we had the chance to admire.

Stopover with Icelandair: balance sheet
The most of a stopover

The planes we took were very comfortable; mention for the look and design of the plane, which is very beautiful, and for the colorful effect on the mist inside, which gives an impression of northern lights… but this is nothing compared to the company’s special plane: the Hekla Aurora, which has real false northern lights on board ! Via the website of Icelandair, you can ask to have it for your flight… but it takes a lot of luck to have it… a bit like the real northern lights !

Another positive note: Icelandair proposes some ideas to visit Iceland during a stopover and even has a service that I find awesome of “Stopover Buddy”, to make a surprise, celebrate an important event with the complicity of Icelandair. The video of the wedding request under water, between the plates of the two continents (in Silfra, as I mentioned above on Þingvellir), is just too beautiful ! I wanted to organize something special for François, on the occasion of our anniversary of our 10 years together… but it will be for a future occasion (I discovered this service much too late !).
The less of a stopover

Negative mentions about the flights: we did not see the Aurora Borealis through the window… but well, hard to blame the airline for that ! And, more seriously, there are no meals or snack included on board (except one or two drinks depending on the duration of the flight)… and the food is expensive, like the cost of living in Iceland.

But the main downside is discovering such a beautiful country and staying there so little time ! We loved our trip and we are sure to return to Iceland in not too long. They should add in small letters below the airlines to Iceland :

Warning: travel to Iceland can cause a lifetime addiction

Or maybe it’s already there… but who reads the little letters ?