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Trips to Iceland

The itineraries that we establish and present to you, are for the most part itineraries designed for your first trip to Iceland. They therefore include a maximum of highlights and include some of the most emblematic sites of Iceland, but also some detours offering the possibility to discover less known, more intimate but just as spectacular corners of our island.

If this is not your first trip to Iceland, or if you come for a very special reason, you will probably have more specific wishes. Having already visited the Must-see sites of the country, or wishing to approach it in an original way, you may wish to visit regions less visited and still more wild, or to deepen the discovery of a region by devoting more time to it. If this is your wish, do not forget to tell us what you are looking for, and we will then be happy to propose alternatives emphasizing the discovery of the best – kept – but also more difficult-secrets of our island.

In any case, the itineraries we suggest can be rearranged to better meet your time, budget or flight constraints.


Walks, trips and rentals in Iceland

Our itineraries in Iceland are designed to provide you with a rhythm of discovery adapted to your needs, alternating discovery of numerous sites and driving through these grandiose landscapes. They do not always take into account the extra time needed to practice activities such as trekking, horseback riding, whale and bird watching, ice climbing, etc… however, all our Icelandic programs can be adapted to include this type of activities.

In the case of hiking in Iceland in particular, we can provide you with the necessary travel diaries to undertake beautiful walks, with different degrees of difficulty in order to satisfy everyone’s preferences. If you are a hiking enthusiast, don’t forget to tell us how much time you would like to spend on walking, or to tell us what activities you plan to do during your stay in Iceland.

We offer on the site about fifteen excursions in Iceland, trying to offer a wide and varied range of excursions. If you do not find your happiness, do not hesitate to contact us so that together we can establish a program adapted to your desires. Take a snowmobile ride on a glacier, explore the Vestman islands, discover the Isafjörður region by bike, sail in the Bay of Reykjavik…. Everything is possible with destination Iceland.